• The Porch (map)
  • 10845 Harney Street
  • Omaha NE 68154

Cost - 2 hour workshop - $30 per mother daughter pair

Who is this for?: Mother’s and teen daughters (13 and up)

Workshop materials: Worksheets and resources for additional

Is your daughter struggling with body image? Do you feel at a loss as to how to engage in a positive conversation about body image when you are also struggling? This workshop is designed to create a safe place to engage in meaningful dialogue about body image with each other. During the workshop we will: 

  • Discuss how body image affects us
  • Discuss how a mother’s body image influences her daughter
  • Reflect on the truth of how God sees us
  • Learn practical tips for improving body image
  • Connect with each other about our struggles

Please sign up and pre-pay at Paypal form below. Questions you can call 561-289-3013 or email kaholley13@gmail.com

Facilitated by: Krista Holley, PLMHP

Scholarships available: Please contact Krista at kaholley13@gmail.com
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