Troy Backhuus, PhD, LIMHP, LPC, CPC


You never thought that emotion pain could hurt so much.  You feel lost and helpless.  You long for any sign of hope but it’s no where to be found.  You have tried talking with friends and family and though they what to help, you feel like a burden. Maybe your story deals with anxiety that feels out of control.  You strive to gain some control in your life but it never seems to be enough.  Whatever your story, there is help.

It would be wonderful to say there is a “fix all,” the truth is we all have our own path to take.  The best part of this is your path intersects with others so you do not have to walk alone.  There is help along the way and maybe this is the time you need a professional to come along side and guide you through this time of life. 

My professional counseling practice began in 2002.  A long and productive history of helping people with experiences dealing with psychological disorders, life problems and transitions, marital issues, crisis, spiritual issues, missionary care and cultural transition, and sexual issues and sexual addictions.  My approach to healing and recovery is holistic with a focus on the five realms of a human’s life:  spiritual (soul), psychological (mind), physical (body), emotional, and social (relational). 

Special training in “Emotion Focused Therapy” and crisis counseling, please take the first steps to getting help and contact me at 402-915-5751 or at City Care Counseling at 402-916-9421.