Professional Counseling

Our counselors are highly trained and experienced therapists and are able to provide effective tools and techniques for people experiencing difficulties such as:

  • somatic disorders
  • cognitive disorders
  • emotional difficulties
  • social and relational dysfunction
  • crisis / trauma
  • grief / loss
  • difficult changes
  • spiritual / faith 
  • missionary care
  • marital distress
  • depression / sadness
  • anxiety / fear
  • mood management
  • impulse control 
  • pre-marital counseling
  • personality concerns
  • addictive behaviors (sex, substance, and eating)

Professional Services

CityCare offers most outpatient mental health services including:

  • Intake assessment - a review of pertinent biological, psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual history to allow for accurate data for immediate and ongoing diagnostics

  • Initial | working diagnoses - if indicated, a diagnosis provides a direction for counseling to proceed with evidence-based treatment methods 
  • Treatment planning - based on the data collected, a treatment plan contains goals and objectives that support the interventions applied to promote change
  • Counseling | therapy - The theories, techniques, methods, ideas, and interventions applied to each objective identified in the treatment plan, which have both familiarity and individuality when applied by different providers
  • Termination counseling - a process of purposefully discontinuing counseling and therapy after goals have been addressed 
  • Follow-up - pre-scheduled sessions at specific intervals to assist with ongoing or new changes, or "as-needed" when change occurs or a difficult season arrives

Cost & Payment

Professional counseling fees are determined by one or more factors, but CityCare Counseling and Christ Community Church desire to make these services more accessible to those in need.

Medical/Health Insurance

For those of you with commercial or private insurance, many of our providers are able to accept your benefit, including some Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Depending on the terms of your benefit, counseling is not usually considered a "Specialty" and many of our professional counselors are credentialed as in-network providers, which means the co-pay is usually your only out-of-pocket expense. Our staff and providers will assist you with facilitating your payment process, we'll work with you to find the best options.


All of our providers will accept self-pay clients, and some offer a sliding-scale payment option. Some of our counselors work exclusively on these terms and will assist you with establishing an agreement. Your specific fee typically depends on your family’s gross annual income, but these private details will only be discussed between you and your therapist.

Counseling Interns

CityCare is able to provide supervision to local university interns who are completing their final year of their graduate programs for Masters in Arts or Masters in Science programs. These counselors are in the final year of their graduate program and are under the supervision of licensed counselors at both CityCare and the University Faculty. We consider all requests on a case-by-case basis during the semester terms, depending on the availability of our intern counselors. If available, these counseling Interns are available for a limited number of sessions.