Hello!  I am a provisionally licensed mental health practitioner with the state of Nebraska, with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health from Grace University in Omaha, NE. 

I am passionate about creating a safe space within the counseling relationship to explore the circumstances that prompt us to reach out for help.  My experience with counseling has filled me with the confidence that there is indeed hope for every person.  It is my joy to help individuals tell their story, develop tools to use in coping with wounds and difficulties, learn self-accountability and gain momentum in pursuing strong mental/emotional health, and build toward the quality of life they desire.

I have experience in working with those wrestling with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship problems, and work-related stress, as well as many other issues, and I have worked with clients of all ages and walks of life, both singles and couples.  Having grown up overseas, I also have additional insight into working with cross-cultural workers or ex-pats and their families.  As a counselor trained to use evidence-based interventions, my orientation leans towards the Cognitive-Behavioral and Emotion-Focused models, but my approach is person-centered and integrative in nature.  As such, I focus on fitting treatment to the individual, rather than to a diagnosis.  Please call for a free phone consultation, so I can answer any questions you may have about the counseling process.