About Cindy...


Professional Counselor/cindy.freemyer@gmail.com/402-290-1850

My name is Cindy Freemyer. I am licensed to provide mental health counseling in both Iowa and Nebraska. I feel privileged to enter into relationships based on trust, understanding and a desire to identify problems and work toward their resolution. Mental health is just one aspect of the whole person - contingent on caring for body, soul and spirit. You are not a mental health disorder, but another human being who can benefit from the support, encouragement and counsel of another who is committed to that end - helping you. I have no preference for gender, age, etc. and enjoy working with people ready to consider new directions, different perspectives, to embrace the change that can bring positive/productive communication, relationships, and lifestyle.

I generally work from a strength focused perspective and tap into therapeutic strategies based on cognitive behavioral, reality/choice theory and family systems theories. I have used Social Learning in my work with those on the Autism spectrum. I am currently participating in training for The Genesis Process – A Relapse Prevention Program for those struggling with self-defeating/destructive behavior patterns.

My world view stems from relationship with Jesus Christ and His Gospel. I do not impose this value on you, but emphasize that I am accountable to a Biblical definition of unconditional love, respect, understanding and honesty. My need for God's grace and guidance is foundational to counseling you.